The Nagaland GIS and Remote Sensing Center is equipped with minimum infrastructural facilities of hardware and software GIS platform capable of handling tasks and undertakings at state and regional levels. The center is furnished with High-end Personal Computers, laptops, Workstations, Servers, High Data storage capacity, Internet facility, LCD projectors, Large scale plotters, Scanners, printers, Garmin handheld GPS, Leica DGPS, and a power back-up facility to run the equipments uninterrupted. However the system is loaded with the latest and powerful GIS and Image processing softwares. Presently the Centre has the latest versions of GIS softwares such as ArcGIS (with extensions such as ArcIMS, Spatial Analyst and 3D Analyst), ILWIS, MapInfo and Image processing softwares such as Erdas Imagine with LPS which has the capability of creating and visualizing DEMs and 3D virtual reality with the help of stereo imageries and aerial photographs.

The center has acquired a number of Spatial and Non-spatial database such as Survey of India Toposheets with plans to cover the entire North-East Region, Imageries from various satellite platforms like IRS-P6, Cartosat-2, Quick bird, LANSAT-7, etc.

The centre is making full use of a library with a limited volume of books of relevance. However the centre is in the process of procuring current periodicals and subscribing happening journals to keep pace with the latest updates and technological advancements.

Success of a GIS assignment largely depends upon the human resources involved in it. There are lot of people who are directly or indirectly remain involved in it- Personnel to manage and plan whole GIS task, GIS specialist to perform GIS related operations, personnel to maintain & manage GIS database, programmers to customize GIS software, end users and decision makers.

The center is currently manned by GIS and Remote Sensing trained personnel. At regular intervals the staffs are being given skills and knowledge up-gradation trainings and other capacity building programmes conducted by agencies such as Department of Space, Department of Science and Technology, and other Institutions.